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When daylight fades and darkness descends, trecht Lumen’s illuminated tales of the city come to life. These works of art shine a special light on the history, the residents and the function or symbolism of particular buildings and locations. Some light artworks play with architectural features. And many  are to be found in surprising places that are off the beaten track or might easily be overlooked during the day.

Embark on a journey of discovery and be surprised by subtle messages, visual feasts and intriguing tales of light. Utrecht Lumen offers guided tours that take in various artistic light installations. Explore the complete story behind each work of art and enjoy an interesting peek into the unique history of sites and buildings.

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Bezembrug, Utrecht
The Oudegracht winds through the city centre, and is inextricably linked to its history. In the past, Utrecht...

Evening Time Is Reading Time

Korte Smeestraat, Utrecht
‘Evening Time Is Reading Time' is a special light artwork. Its origins can be traced back to the...

Sint Willibrord Church

Minrebroerderstraat 21, Utrecht
The Sint-Willibrordkerk (Saint Willibrord Church) is the best-kept secret sanctuary of Utrecht. What started as a hidden church...


Jaarbeursplein 6, Utrecht

Light art and puzzle combined, REBUS has become a familiar sight among Utrecht residents and a mainstay of...

Lights of Saint Peter’s Church

Pieterskerkhof 5, Utrecht
The dynamic history of the city is plainly obvious from looking at the Pieterskerk (Saint Peter’s Church), just...

Ganzenmarkt tunnel

Ganzenmarkt 2, Utrecht
Through an entrance at Ganzenmarkt, a tunnel leads to the Oudegracht wharves. In olden days, horse carts rode...


Moreelsepark 3, Utrecht
Since 1999, a mysterious flying saucer has been parked on the roof of the iconic Dutch Railways headquarters,...

Drift Vaults

Drift 9, Utrecht
Don’t pass them by, the Drift vaults, located right next to the Saint John’s Church. For many years,...


Pausdam 3, Utrecht
The Pausdam is dominated by two historic buildings: The Paushuize or Pope‘s Residence and the University premises at...


Buurkerkhof 11, Utrecht
The final artwork of Trajectum Lumen is located at Buurkerkhof. Artist Gabriel Lester has designed a magical connection...

Marking the Castellum Wall

Domstraat, Utrecht
In Roman times, Utrecht was on the northern border of the Roman Empire. A walled fortress stood on...

Whose are Those Wings?

Tolsteegbrug 1, Utrecht
On the wall of the Louis Hartlooper Complex, the former Tolsteeg police station, you will find a light...


Moskeeplein 89, Utrecht

A beautiful sight, bringing the mosque to life and symbolising the coming together of people from the district.

The End of Signature

Catharijnesingel 33, Utrecht
Will handwriting ever disappear completely? Will writing turn out to be a strange habit of a bygone civilisation?


Biltse Rading, Utrecht
Utrecht, the birthplace of Gerrit Rietveld, and Amersfoort, the birthplace of Piet Mondriaan, are intrinsically linked not only...

Here lives miffy

Agnietenstraat 2, Utrecht
Every winter evening, between 5.15 pm and 11 pm, the world of Miffy comes to life on the...

Burn the Village Feel the Warmth

Catharijnesingel, Utrecht

Artist Nathan Coley explores how he can influence perceptions of our environment with his works of art.

Shadow of a Doubt

Vredenburgknoop, Utrecht

Nancy Dwyer likes to work with humorous or ironic words and puns.


Moreelsepark 1, Utrecht

Somewhere I am everything, home, everywhere, unfamiliar, nothing, nowhere.

Jans Light

Janskerkhof, Utrecht

The enchanting Jans light gives Janskerkhof square a fairy-tale appearance.

Change your mind, Feel Time, Imitate Touch

Kruisdwarsstraat, Utrecht

Artist Les Levine sees billboard campaigns as exhibitions in public space.

Simplicity and Refinement

Lucas Bolwerk 24, Utrecht

At the Stadsschouwburg, you will find a fascinating work of art comprising moving points of light that travel...

Monument for Digital Failure

Neude 11, Utrecht

Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch is one of five Utrecht artists who have been commissioned to capture the building’s new...

Window Art Centraal Museum

Agnietenstraat 1, Utrecht

A dynamic and ever-changing projection on the exterior wall of the Centraal Museum.

Tunnel at Leidsche Rijn

Rijksstraatweg, Leidsche Rijn

A tunnel on the cycle route between Leidsche Rijn and Utrecht city centre merits a break from cycling,...

Your Dreams Merge Here

Boorstraat 107, Utrecht
For this artwork, Jessica Diamond searched for the smallest house within the historic city centre of Utrecht.


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