Title: Bridges
Artist: Har Hollands

The Oudegracht winds through the city centre, and is inextricably linked to its history. In the past, Utrecht owed its wealth to it, in the days when the Oudegracht was an elongated harbour area with markets on the bridges. Trajectum Lumen crosses this important waterway on several occasions.

Pay close attention, because Light architect Har Hollands uses both the undersides and upper sides of various bridges in order to highlight the dynamics of the city and the water. Viebrug, Bakkerbrug, Bezembrug, Stadhuisbrug, and Kalisbrug are all transformed from darkness to light by Hollands. Powerful curves change into the soft rippling of the water, while the flow carries the light. Hollands considers light a magical tool, as is proven on the Bezembrug, for instance, where a light square slowly disappears under water, to resurface immaculately as if it were being constantly swept clean by an invisible broom.

With his light design company, Har Hollands has been exploring the magic of light since 1998. For Hollands, nighttime is a time for fantasies, and he incorporates this in his work on projects all over the world, ranging from Utrecht’s city centre to the pyramids of Giza.



Bezembrug 0
3511 AK Utrecht

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