Shipping Company Schuttevaer

Shipping Company Schuttevaer is pleased to offer you pleasant and enjoyable boat excursions and tours over the unique canal system of the mediaeval city of Utrecht. With their fleet of boats they provide both round trips and party cruises the whole year through. The boats are covered and have a heating system for the colder days, though with good weather the roof panels and the side windows are of course wide-open. During the voyage they will tell you all about the hidden beauties of the city and about the historic and modern places of interest. Utrecht has a unique character with its convivial terraces along the canals, the old centre with its many churches and the beautiful parks along the encircling defensive canal system (Singels).

The many museums and important buildings of the city offer an interesting and varied selection of art and historic objects from many different areas of interest. These include the railway museum, the music box and street organ collection, the astronomical observatory Sonneborgh,the city museum with adjoining Nijntje house and the Dom tower.The boats making the tours can drop you off and pick you up from all of these places.

The Schuttevaer office can also help you with bookings for special trips and packages such as a tour combined with a visit to a beer brewery, a visit to the casino, a meal at a restaurant and many other activities.


Oudegracht 85
3511 AD Utrecht


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