The sprawling Máximapark is situated in the heart of the Leidsche Rijn district.

It is a peaceful yet lively part of Utrecht, a park that is as big as the city centre. This is a meeting place where everyone can exercise, play, walk, cycle, relax, picnic and go out boating to their heart’s content. In 2014, the park was voted the most-loved park in the Netherlands.

The Máximapark also has its own butterfly garden, where you can see various butterflies and bees amid a varied natural environment that includes plants such as the butterfly bush, orpine, New York aster, hemp-agrimony and signet marigold. 

Het Lint
Het Lint (‘The Ribbon’) is a wide, car-free asphalt path that runs through the entire park. Here, visitors to the park can cycle, skate or run unhampered. The Ribbon runs through the entire park to a total length of about eight kilometres. If you follow the route, you will get to see all of the park’s most beautiful spots, such as the Haarrijnseplas lake; the Buitenhof area; the newly-reconstructed Viking Rhine (the original course of the Rhine River) and archaeological sites.

At four points along the route you will find so-called TimePoints. Using a special chip, runners can read off their lap times on displays along the route or at home. A bridleway runs parallel to the path.

Food and drink
There are various cafes and restaurants in and around the Máximapark should you find yourself thirsty or peckish after your time outdoors. At venues like the park’s own Restaurant Anafora, the Maximus brewery, the Rare Jongens lunchroom and the Goes farm shop, you can find cosy seating areas, refreshing drinks and tasty food.


Utrechtseweg 4
3451 GG Vleuten


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