The green Julianapark is one of the oldest city parks in Utrecht. Situated on Amsterdamse Straatweg in Utrecht’s Zuilen district, it is known for its lush planting and the sprawling sunbathing areas. There is a children’s farm, but the chickens are allowed to go about freely. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself faced with one on your walk!

The history of leafy Julianapark goes back to the year 1903, when the wealthy Kol family had the park built. In 1928, the heirs sold the site to the City of Utrecht under the condition that it would remain a park for the next hundred years. The city made the park public, expanded it and, in 1935, named it Julianapark.

Julianapark has come to be much loved among local residents. It is a great place to go for a walk or have a picnic, and fun events and festivals take place here on a regular basis.

The park can be roughly divided into three sections:
An animal park with the Antje Drijver Pavilion. Here you can have a drink at an affordable price and there are public toilets. The pavilion is open on Wednesday afternoons and at the weekend;
a more recreational area with a big lawn, a podium for cultural activities and a water and sand play area;
a quiet, scenic part, characterised by winding paths and huge, ancient trees.

The park is surrounded by a striking fence with three entrance gates, which are locked in the evening hours. Cyclists and dogs are not permitted in the park.


3553 HK Utrecht


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