Wilhelmina city park

Wilhelmina park is a historical city park in East Utrecht. It is a popular site among local residents, with people flocking there throughout the entire year.

The history of Wilhelmina park dates back to the year 1888, when Baron van Boetzelaer van Oosterhout sold part of his land in the east of the city to the local government. There were few green spaces in Utrecht at the time, and so he sold it to them under one condition: within 10 years, a public park had to be built on the site.

The local authorities held a design competition and ended up going with a design by Henri Copijn in the English landscape garden style. The park was opened in 1898, the same year in which the young queen Wilhelmina was enthroned.

Wilhelmina park
With its many old trees and elegant fountain, Wilhelmina park is one of the most beautiful parks in the Netherlands. The park is surrounded by stately mansions and monumental villas. In the southern part of the park you will find a big sunbathing area, and the wide Promenade runs from north to south. On beautiful days it’s a lovely place to cycle, exercise or go for a stroll, and in the summertime many students and young families flock to the park for picnics and barbecues.

In Wilhelminapark you can also find the EXbunker exhibition space and the Wilhelmina park restaurant, where you can enjoy classic French cuisine.


3581 NP Utrecht


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