in Ut­recht

Also see the website ‘Kerken Kijken Utrecht’, a project that makes it possible during the summer months to see the cultural richness of the church buildings in the center of Utrecht.


Geertekerk | St. Gertrude’s Church

Geertekerkhof 23, Utrecht
The smallest and newest medieval parish church dedicated to the saint Gertrudis van Nijvel.

Jacobikerk | St. James’ Church

Sint Jacobsstraat 171, Utrecht
The Medieval Jacobikerk (St. James’ Church) was one of Utrecht’s four parish churches (along with the Buurkerk, Nicolaïkerk...

Janskerk | St John’s Church

Janskerkhof 26, Utrecht
The Janskerk (St John’s Church) is the stunning old church on the Janskerkhof square in the centre of...

Dom Church

Domplein, Utrecht

"Often people only visit churches abroad, but also in Utrecht there are amazing churches to visit.”

Nicolaïkerk | St Nicholas' Church

Nicolaaskerkhof 8, Utrecht
The Nicolaïkerk (St Nicholas' Church) is a medieval parish church from the 12th century that was reconstructed in...

Pieterskerk | St. Peter’s Church

Pieterskerkhof 5, Utrecht
The St. Peter’s Church is one of the oldest German-Romanesque churches in the city of Utrecht.

St. Willibrord Church

Minrebroederstraat 21, Utrecht
One of the most beautiful neo-gothic churches of the Netherlands. The hidden treasure of Utrecht.

Lutheran Church Utrecht

Hamburgerstraat 9, Utrecht
It looks like a normal facade, but behind the stately facade is a church.

St. Augustine's Church

Oudegracht 69, Utrecht
The Sint-Augustinuskerk is a church in the neoclassical style, designed by Karel Georg Zocher (1796-1863) and built in...

Gertrudis Cathedral

Willemsplantsoen 2, Utrecht
The Gertrudis Cathedral was built because the adjacent Gertrudis Chapel had become too small. The cathedral is the...

St. Catherine's Church

Lange Nieuwstraat 36, Utrecht
The St. Catherine's Church can be found in the middle of the Museum Quarter. The church is today...

Doopsgezinde Kerk

Oudegracht 270, Utrecht
From the outside a stately mansion, but actually it is a hidden church.


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