Lia Reedijk, founder of the Utrecht children's bookshop

Lia Reedijk - Local Story

Lia Reedijk founded the Utrecht Children’s Bookshop on the Ganzenmarkt in 1981. In the meantime, she has sold the shop, but still enjoys working here as an employee. Furthermore, Lia is a volunteer in the Dom Church and the accompanying Domshop. She lives near the Griftpark and therefore knows the city like the back of her hand.

“We recently had dinner with the family at Op Roose on the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal. We sat outside so beautifully at the foot of the Prince Claus Bridge and watched the sun set,” says Lia.

In addition to restaurants, cycling is one of Lia’s favourite activities. “Utrecht is situated perfectly, right in the middle of the country, surrounded by all kinds of beautiful routes. For example, the cycle path from Tienhoven to Hilversum is a lot of fun and we also cycle regularly via Rhijnauwen towards Zeist. Utrecht is in a top location in that respect ”, she says.

Finally, she can of course also recommend a visit to the Dom Church. “The church has several volunteers walking around who can tell you the most beautiful stories. We also sell lovely items and books in the Domshop, such as children’s Bibles.” As you can see,  there is no shortage of activities for Lia. She loves to live in Utrecht and enjoys it full heartedly.

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