Greenjoy electric boat rental

At Greenjoy you will sail in comfortable electric boats. These silent boats enable you to enjoy nature and even better: let you be able to have a normal conversation on board, without the noise and smell. The boats are very spacious and have a capacity of up to 6 to 8 persons. You don’t need a sailing license to use our boats. The boats are extremely easy to use and the sailing instructions will make it possible to sail away without any previous experience.

For short bookings (2 hours) we recommend to stay in the city center. There’s so much to see in this vibrant city center and there are great boat trips possible for a two-hour ride.
The Catharijnesingel will be open again from September 12, 2020! Sail all the way around the city centre of Utrecht, which was not possible for about 50 years. If you have enough time to spare, combine the tour on the Catharijnesingel with the Oudegracht. Then you have seen (almost) all the beautiful highlights in Utrecht in one go.

When you’re sailing at least 4 hours and feel the urge to seek for nature, then you can enter the tiny river Kromme Rijn when exiting Oudegracht at Ledig Erf. By following the Kromme Rijn-river you will eventually enter natural park Rhijnauwen, where it’s only allowed to sail with an electric boat. At the well-known Theehuis Rhijnauwen it’s just perfect to have a little pitstop with a snack before getting back to the city.

Reservations can be made online. You can even rent a boat up to 10 minutes in advance!


Wittevrouwensingel, ter hoogte van nr. 58
3572 CB Utrecht


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