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Wal­king rou­te through the Dom district


The Dom Tower is the highlight and historic symbol of Utrecht, but there is much more to see in the Dom district (Domkwartier). For example, experience the present and the past of Christianity in the Netherlands in the beautiful medieval monastery of Museum Catherijneconvent or go to Museum Speelklok where you will be taken through the wonderful world of self-playing musical instruments. You can also walk the small alleys and find exclusive shops. Or maybe you would like to discover the city in the dark during Trajectum Lumen. This route leads you past all the highlights of this district.

Tip! Dom square (Domplein) is surrounded by nice cafes and restaurants. Perfect to combine with the walking route!


20 locations
  • 1. Tourist Information Centre Utrecht

    Domplein 9, Utrecht
    Located at the foot of the Dom Tower you will find the Tourist Information Centre.
  • 2. Flora's Hof

    Domplein, Utrecht
    Right in the heart of Utrecht’s medieval city centre, directly beneath the Dom, you will find Flora’s Hof – an almost-forgotten piece of history.
  • 3. Dom Church

    Domplein, Utrecht
    The gothic Dom Church was built as a cathedral for the bishop of Utrecht and dedicated to St. Maarten.
  • 4. Pandhof garden Dom Church

    Domplein, Utrecht
    The Pandhof garden of the Dom Church is one of Holland most beautiful inner courtyards.
  • Achter de Dom, Utrecht
  • Krakeling, Utrecht
  • 7. Zocherpark

    Lepelenburg 101, Utrecht
    The monumental Zocherpark is one of the oldest public parks in the Netherlands.
  • 8. Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

    Lucasbolwerk 24, Utrecht
    Stadsschouwburg Utrecht is a leading theatre in the centre of the Netherlands.
  • Herenbrug, Utrecht
  • 10. Public Park Lepelenburg

    Lepelenburg, Utrecht
    Park Lepelenburg is a lively park on the edge of the historical city centre in Utrecht.
  • Brigittenstraat 17, Utrecht
  • Kromme Nieuwegracht 43, Utrecht
  • 13. Pausdam

    Pausdam 3, Utrecht
    The Pausdam is dominated by two historic buildings: The Paushuize or Pope‘s Residence and the University premises at the head of the Trans.
  • 14. The Hofpoort

    Hofplein, Vianen
    Vianen city centre is surrounded by a city wall which still has a cannon with cannonballs standing atop it.
  • 15. St. Catherine's Church

    Lange Nieuwstraat 36, Utrecht
    The St. Catherine's Church can be found in the middle of the Museum Quarter. The church is today the parish church of the Slacator parish...
  • Weesbrug, Utrecht
  • 17. Pandhof Sinte Marie (St Mary’s Courtyard)

    Mariaplaats, Utrecht
    Between the buildings of the conservatory you will find Pandhof Sinte Marie (St Mary’s Courtyard), a remnant of the former Mariakerk (St Mary’s Church).
  • 18. House Zoudenbalch

    Donkerstraat 15, Utrecht
    This house was built in 1467 by Evert Zoudenbalch, who was the canon treasurer of the Dom and provost of Maastricht.
  • 19. Buurkerkhof

    Buurkerkhof 11, Utrecht
    The final artwork of Trajectum Lumen is located at Buurkerkhof. Artist Gabriel Lester has designed a magical connection between the oldest parochial church of Utrecht,...
  • Oudegracht, Utrecht

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