A ten-minute bike ride will take you from Utrecht’s city centre to Zuilen city district. This district is situated between the river Vecht and the Amsterdam Rhine Canal, and used to be a municipality in its own right. Zuilen has been part of Utrecht since 1954, but somehow it has always continued to feel like a small town. From the ever-so-lively Amsterdamsestraatweg to the beautiful Juliana Park with its verdant peace and quiet, Zuilen offers all sorts of attractions.

Festivals hosted in an industrial construction warehouse

Zuilen boasts several unique venues where major cultural events are held. Take, for instance, a festival for 20,000 guests held in the Werkspoor Cathedral. This former industrial construction warehouse now serves as a unique venue for special events and also provides entrepreneurs with studios. Zuilen’s ZIMIHIC Theatre is home to musicians, performers and festivals, and can be hired for special occasions. If you wish to learn more about Zuilen’s rich history, be sure to visit Museum van Zuilen, the city district’s very own museum.

Shopping and eating

Zuilen has a wide range of restaurants, cafés and shops. For instance, Parel van Zuilen is a great place along the banks of the River Vecht. This former town hall now houses a restaurant, but you can get married or organise events there, too. The Familie van Rijk lunchroom and deli is the place to go for your daily groceries, such as freshly and locally baked bread, cheese straight from the farm, as well as lovely and delicious and often locally produced gifts. Colour Kitchen Zuilen is a restaurant that not only uses organic and fresh ingredients, but takes you back to your school days, as it is located in an authentic 1930s school building.


Zuilen is easy to get to on foot, by bike and by public transport from Utrecht Central Station. For instance, you can take a train to the Zuilen railway station, or you can take a bus to the neighbourhood. From Utrecht Central Station, it takes half an hour to walk down Amsterdamsestraatweg to Zuilen’s Juliana Park. It’s a great walk, actually, as it takes you past hundreds of little shops on Amsterdamsestraatweg, which sell products from all over the world!



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