Nukuhiva? It's a long way from here, but also very close! This fair trade clothing store in the Zadelstraat is namely named after an idyllic island between Australia and South America. One of the most beautiful places on earth. And the owner can tell, because she is Dutch travel journalist Floortje Dessing! Nuku Hiva is a place where people and nature live in balance. A nice metaphor for this store.

When Floortje once wrote the book "100 Places in the World You Must See", she decided to invest part of the proceeds in a sustainable clothing store. First in Amsterdam and then also in Utrecht.

At Nukuhiva you buy garments from fashion labels that produce with respect for people and nature. Most of the clothing is made from organic cotton, lyocell, hemp and other natural materials. Whether you are looking for something sporty or chic, you will find it all here.

A better world has never been closer!


Zadelstraat 36
3511 LV Utrecht