Mural Otter with Dom Tower

On the corner of Otterstraat and Oudenoord you'll find the mural with the name “Otter with Dom Tower”. Since 2013, a life-sized work of art featuring an otter has graced the facade of the building on the corner of Otterstraat in Utrecht. Not only the animal, but also the Dom Tower and a hot air balloon can be seen on the famous mural. The work was made in 2013 by the Utrecht artist Robert-Jan Brink, also known as the Verfdokter. He was inspired by earlier works of art on the wall and decided to combine everything in one large, colorful work. De Verfdokter has made several murals in Utrecht, including those of the famous green trains in the Tweede Daalsebuurt.


Muurschildering Otter met Domtoren

Otterstraat 116


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