Life's a peach

Life's a Peach is a quiet getaway in the busy city. Known for fresh baked food, local design, comfy chairs, and a relaxed, friendly vibe that you’re sure to love. Their goal is simple: bring the neighbors a tasty lunch or afternoon tea, along with local designs in a warm and inviting space. In a hurry? No worry! Everything is made to enjoy to take-away.

The main food product is the Italian focaccia. All of the food is plant based and made from scratch, and oven baked - from cakes and pastries, to roasted vegetables! 

General information

dinsdag11:00 - 17:00 uur
woensdag11:00 - 17:00 uur
donderdag11:00 - 17:00 uur
vrijdag11:00 - 17:00 uur
zaterdag10:00 - 16:00 uur


Tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday.


Hardebollenstraat 9
3512 TP Utrecht