De Koekfabriek

De Koekfabriek biscuits are made with love. They are baked by people who have a distance to the labor market. For example, people in their 60s who have been at home for years, young people who are ill or have a handicap and want to learn the baking trade and status holders who cannot find a job anywhere else. These are all motivated people with a lot of skills and talent who have found a meaningful and challenging daytime activity at De Koekfabriek. And they make a delicious product!

You will find the Utrecht branch of De Koekfabriek in the Schoutenstraat near the Neude. Here you can enjoy biscuits with a range of flavors. Who doesn't love chocolate chip or almond-orange cookies?

The more cookies that are sold, the more people can be employed in the various locations. As a result, the cookies you buy at De Koekfabriek always taste extra delicious!


Schoutenstraat 7
3512GA Utrecht


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