Bartholomeus Gasthuis

The Bartholomeus Gasthuis is one of the oldest properties in the city, and was the very first hospital in the Netherlands.

The history of the Bartholomeus Gasthuis dates back to the 14th century. The nursing home was founded in 1367 and dedicated to St Apollonia. In 1378, it formally became a residence for poor people with chronic illnesses and has, over the past 600 years, served unbrokenly as a care home for elderly Utrecht residents.

Through the centuries, the hospital has undergone multiple renovations in order to comply with the requirements of new laws and regulations. For example, much changed after the Second World War with the emergence of an effective system of social care. The charitable nature of the hospital gave way to modern views on care for the elderly, with key principles such as increased privacy, more amenities and better care, with the result that the hospital came to feel more and more like a real home.

Guided tours
Are you curious about the stories of the Bartholomeus Gasthuis? Every Sunday you can go on a guided tour of the extraordinary rooms and the historical parts of the property. Listen to a great audio tour in the Regentenzaal hall and allow yourself to be transported to times gone by, or watch the movie ‘Van Armenpot tot Zorgpakket’ (‘From Alms for the Poor to Healthcare Packages’), exploring care for the elderly in Utrecht through the centuries.

Every Sunday at 11 am. Tours are limited to a maximum of 12 people.

Adults: €4.95
U-pass holders: €1.00
Children: free

Advance booking is required. Send an email to before Friday 4 pm.


Lange Smeestraat 40
3511 PZ Utrecht